In a Dim Room

Her world tonight was this one, dim room. The drapes were drawn and the lamps turned low. She lay on the bed, propped against the mountain of pillows as her owner finished making arrangements.

He adjusted the bindings on her legs and wrists, checking the range of motion. It wouldn't do to have anything go numb. The little red light on the webcam on the bedside table blinked, and he checked the feed on his phone. Satisfied, he fixed the vibrator between her legs, thumbed the remote. Chuckled wickedly when she twitched and squeaked.

"Now, I've got company coming," he told her. "I want you--" and he laid his finger on her lips--to be very quiet this time. Understand?"

"Yes." Her voice was soft, her eyes huge in the dim light.

"Good girl." He set the toy to a heartbeat rhythm and pocketed the remote as the first knock sounded on the door. And left her alone in the room, with only the buzz of the toy and her own quick pants of breath for company.

The first orgasm rose, and she tried to breathe through it, to control the moan that wanted to rise as well. She writhed, biting her lip--and then the vibration stopped, leaving her panting and shivering against her bonds.

She had almost relaxed, almost begun to believe that this would be a short torture, and it started again. A different pattern this time, one that rose and fell to torment her in different ways.

She bit her lip, whining softly, trying to be as quiet as possible. Tried not to scream as the vibrations that pulsed against her clit suddenly increased, then tapered off. She felt sweat beginning to bead her skin as she struggled and pulled against the cuffs that prevented her from removing the device.

Again and again, until she completely lost track of time. In the intervals when he let her rest, she heard voices and felt the bass throb of music.

And then, the vibrations stopped again, but this time the door opened. He was smiling as he stepped in, shut it behind him.

"You were very, very good, pet. And just look at you." He sat on the edge of the bed, and began to loosen the restraints. He removed the vibe, brushing his fingers across her swollen sex. "Flushed and mussed and hot and wet." His fingers slipped inside her, and this time the sound she made was almost a scream. "I promised you a treat if you were good, didn't I?"

She nodded, still panting, grateful to be able to close her legs, to sit up and stretch muscles that protested their confinement. He stroked the hair away from her face and kissed her forehead, then dropped the blindfold over her eyes. She froze, and felt his hand on her cheek.


She parted her lips, felt the ring gag settle into place as he fastened the straps. Then cool metal stroked her cheek and the side of her neck.

"You're going to want to sit very still, now." His voice was quiet but firm. "This is very sharp, and I don't want to cut you tonight. Understand?"

She nodded carefully. And then heard the door open again. The tread of feet on the carpet, low voices murmuring to each other, the rustle of cloth. Her breath came quickly around the gag as she realized that she had no way of knowing how many people were in the room, and she felt a flush of embarrassment burn her skin.

"We were all watching," her owner told her as he slipped the knife blade under the strap of her tank, twisted it to slice the material. "Watching you cum, over and over, wondering if you'd forget yourself and scream. But you were amazing, and now it's time to show our appreciation."

She felt a hand on her hair, stroking gently, as her owner continued to cut away every scrap of clothing, leaving her naked and vulnerable.

"Wow." The voice was too low for her to identify it over the continuing rhythm of the music. "Look at those tits."

"And that pussy. Fuck, I want a taste!"

"You're going to taste me first." It was her owner's voice, as flesh brushed across her lips. "Show them what a good little slut you are. But after that-- you won't know who's touching you." His erection slipped past the gag, into her mouth, and his hands held her head firmly as he slowly fucked her face.

She concentrated on relaxing her throat, letting his cock slide in and out, until hands began to grope her breasts, brushing against her nipples. It felt so good, she moaned in sheer pleasure and heard his wicked chuckle.

"That's my good girl."

More hands between her legs, finding her sore, swollen lips and clit, making her shudder and try to scream despite her full mouth. She was helpless under the assault, her overstimulated flesh responding automatically. As she shook and moaned, she felt her owner's cock begin to swell, and his hands moved to grip her hair as he came and filled her mouth and throat with hot, sticky seed.

She choked, gasped, felt some fall from her mouth in long sticky trails as she swallowed the rest.

"Damn," someone muttered. "That was hot!"

The gag was removed but the blindfold stayed, and then the hands were on her again. She felt herself lifted into a lap, was impaled on a waiting cock, as hot mouths licked the trails of cum from her breasts and sucked on her hard nipples. She rocked her hips, loving the feel of him--whoever it was--inside her, loving the sound of his groan. Her groping hands were grasped and guided to yet more hard, waiting cocks.

She thought, maybe, she heard the soft click of a camera shutter.

Voices were kept low, blending into a murmur around her, and she stopped trying to count how many hands, mouths, cocks there were. She was filled again and again, often tasting several flavors on the treats presented for her to suck. They played with her breasts, stroking and squeezing as she writhed under their touch. Fingers were slid into her pussy, into her tight back door, eliciting more screams of pleasure from her and sounds of encouragement from them. When she found herself impaled by two men, one in front and one behind, she nearly fainted with sheer pleasure.

Then, one by one, the voices began to go quiet. Dazed, she realized there were fewer hands on her, that the footsteps were going away. Finally, the door closed for the last time, and she felt her owner's hands on the blindfold.

She blinked as he lifted it away, and she saw his broad, satisfied smile. He kissed her deeply, not at all put off by anything that might remain, and drew her into an embrace.

"You were magnificent," he murmured in her ear. "You made them all cum so hard. They'll be talking about you for ages."

She could only smile and sigh and curl into his arms. He cuddled her close and brushed his lips across the top of her head. "That's my girl. We'll get you cleaned up in a minute. Then you can sleep."


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