My 1st Guy Pt. 02

It had been a little over 2 months since my friend Brian & I started sucking & jerking each other off. One night after leaving our meeting I took Brian to a spot I found, it was an area they had started sub-dividing for building houses a few years back but never went forward beyond clearing a few spots thru the wooded area. One area was just a path large enough for a truck that led to a fairly large opening that was totally hidden from the world. This was to be our very own sex spot for the next few months.

That evening as we hurried to undress Brian asked if I would mind if he ate my ass. In a matter of less than a second I said yes.

Putting the back seat of my father's station wagon down we now had a huge space to lay out, after rolling out my sleeping bag we could lay on and be comfortable. Brian began stroking my cock and after I was rock hard he asked me to turn over and kneel with my ass in the air.

As I knelt down Brian pushed my legs apart so my hole would open up for him then pushing his face to my ass began running his tongue from my balls to my taint then up my crack until reaching my ass. Once there he ran his tongue around the rim finally pushing it into my hole. My cock got so hard it felt like it would almost explode, Brian must have sensed I was so horny as his hand began jerking me off as his tongue explored the inside of my ass.

I told him I was almost ready to explode and he reached for a towel holding it below just before I was almost there Brian pushed two fingers inside my ass and began fucking me with his fingers. In seconds my cum started spurting into the towel as Brian was flicking his fingers inside me.

After I was finished I asked Brian if he would like me to do that to him, without answering Brian got to his knees and began spreading his own ass cheeks wide open showing me his tight ass.

Bending to his ass I drove my tongue straight into his hole, as I tasted his dark hole I smelled a strong musky smell that wasn't awful but was very strong. His pungent flavor was to my surprise very exotic and I realized my cock was rock hard again, but this was his time so leaving my cock alone I drove my tongue deeper inside him flicking it about. Reaching for Brian's cock I jerked him off like he did me as my tongue fucked his ass. As I felt his cock begin to twitch I slid a finger into his ass as I continued to tongue him, within seconds he shot his massive load into the same towel that I had soaked earlier.

Afterwards we lay together and Brian told me he had spoken to one of his school friends about us. The guy was named Manny who he told me was gay, Brian it seems told him everything. I was a bit taken back by it as I didn't want anyone else to know and if I was gay I certainly didn't want to be outed by anyone at that time and told him so.

As we spoke and he described Manny and to my horror he was someone whom I didn't know well but summered at the same campsite my parents & I stayed at. All I could think of was running into him over the summer and him putting together that I was Brian's Bob.

I asked Brian to not speak to him about us anymore and he agreed. We dressed and I drove him home.

Two weeks later we hooked up at our spot again doing the same ass tonguing and finger fucking climaxing into a towel. This went on for a few more times then summer was here and our meeting were on hiatus until Sept. Brian & I got together less often as he sat for his younger brother & sister during the day all summer while his parents worked.

One weekday I went to visit him and while they played outside he & I sucked & jerked each other off. That weekend my parents had left for the day on Sat and I invited Brian over. As we lay naked playing with each others cock I asked him if I could fuck his ass and his answer was yes.

Brian knelt on my bed, neither of us being well versed on man on man anal knew at that time his ass should be lubed, as my dry cock head pushed inside his ass he let out a scream and I pulled out immediately. Brian was just yelling ouch ouch ouch, it was then that I hear my parents car pull in, they were supposed to be out all day. I jumped up told him to dress and went to the bathroom. I jerked off as quickly as possible and came just as I heard the kitchen door open.

My mom said they were home deciding to come back early. After cleaning the cum off my cock I came out of the bath saying Brian & I were working on a couple of the rites for the meetings when they restarted. Mom asked if he wanted to stay for dinner but I think he was still in shock of us almost being caught and told her he couldn't. After a few minutes he said he had to leave and walked home.

The next weekend I went with my parents to their trailer and relaxed with all my friends playing softball and getting high. Saturday night I ran into Manny, when no one was around he smiled and said he heard we (Brian & I) almost got caught fucking last week.

I was totally aghast at the thought of Brian telling him our secret, while nobody was looking I cornered Manny and whispered if he knew what was good for him he would shut up about this. Manny was a little guy and I could see fear in his eyes as he shook his head in acknowledgement.

The next weekend my parents went to the trailer alone and I asked Brian over. When he got there as he kissed me I pulled away, he asked if there was anything wrong. I told him of my conversation with Manny and that I was pissed at him for talking about us to him. Brian said he was sorry but also told me that Manny asked him if I thought the three of us could get together. Manny it seems had known for a while that we stayed at the same place over the summers and I guess he thought we could have a threesome.

I told Brian in no uncertain terms the answer was no, I was not ready for anyone else to know and was really pissed off. I told him I just wanted to be with him and he agreed not to talk to Manny about us anymore.

The rest of the summer every time I ran into Manny, I worried about my secrets being spilt. One day I saw him whispering to a girl I knew as his eyes were glancing over to me. After she left I went to Manny asking him what they were talking about, his answer was just stuff. I again told him softly what I said in our earlier conversation and he told me they weren't talking about me. After he convinced me they weren't speaking about me I went to leave, before I did Manny told me if I ever wanted to get together with him telling me I could fuck his ass, that he knew I never got to fuck Brian. I told him to leave right then and there, although I have to say it did run thru my mind wondering what it would feel like to have my cock inside him.

After getting home Sunday night I called Brian while my parents went shopping asking him if he had still been speaking to Manny. Brian insisted he hadn't but it still bothered me that Manny knew we still hadn't been able to fuck yet and I asked him one more time. Brian after a bit admitted he had, it was then I told him about Manny wanting me to fuck him and I was kind of pissed at him for continuing to speak about us to Manny. Brian's answer to me was that he knew Manny wanted me to fuck him but he told Manny not to pursue it. So he was mad at Manny and I was mad at him and I blurted out if you want to be with me you need to stop putting our stuff public.

It was then Brian told me Manny had been asking him out and he wasn't sure if he wanted to go out with him or not. I told Brian I wanted him for myself and that is the reason I didn't want a threesome with Manny. Brian said he wanted me also, although I'll be honest I just wasn't totally convinced.

About a couple of weeks later while at the campsite I overheard Manny telling someone he had been with a guy he went to school with. As I strained to hear the conversation I heard him tell them his name was Brian who was dating another guy but went on a secret date last Wed with him. He told them he let Brian fuck him and he had a 7" cock, I thought to myself that is about the same size as my Brian and how many guys named Brian from his school with the same size cock could there be.

I thought about that conversation for a while and remembered Brian wasn't home when I called that Wed and wondered could it be true. When I got home from the weekend I called Brian and asked him about it. He told me over and over he didn't go out with him but to be honest I didn't believe him and told him so.

We argued for a couple of weeks over this, our times together were difficult as we both had difficulty maintaining our erections and sometimes couldn't cum. One day while we were together in our private parking area I was actually able to get rock hard as I think I was beginning to believe him. Brian who was sucking my cock asked me if I wanted to fuck him and I answered yes. My brain was racing with excitement when I realized we had nothing to lube his ass and told him so. Brian's answer was just use your spit it'll make it easier to slide it in, it hit me at that time and I thought how does he know that neither of us have fucked before and I didn't know about that yet. My mind began racing did he hook up with Manny and I blurted out that question to him.

He told me he spoke to Manny about how it hurt when I tried to fuck him dry and he told him to use K-Y or if there was nothing available to just use spit. I wasn't convinced he hadn't been with Manny but was also pretty pissed that Brian may have still been discussing us with him.

Anyway long story short my erection left me that night and although he called me several times after that was the last time he & I were together. I told him the final time we talked that I wasn't sure I could trust him as he still tried to convince me he wasn't with Manny, but I told him I think we need to end it.

I heard a while later that Manny & Brian were dating, at least that's what I heard the rest of the summer while Manny told his stories.

All these years later even as I have been married to my wife for over 35 years, I still think of him. I wonder if we had stayed together what could have happened, would I have gotten married.

Imagine my surprise when I found out he moved back to town, taking care of his parents when his father took sick. Now after his dad passed he lives with his elderly mother, just less than a 1/2 mile from where I now live.

I have driven past his house a few times to see if I could get a glimpse of how he's aged over the years. Was he still that hot thin guy with that big hot cock or has age taken it's toll as it has with me. I have gained weight, my brown hair now white but my cock is slightly bigger than it was back then. As I wonder I guess I may go to my grave never knowing what could have been if I had stayed together with him.

Oh well guess I'll never know, but I still do cherish the good times we had and do dream about him from time to time.

That's my story I hope you enjoyed, if not I'm sorry but at least for me I have finally gotten it off my chest.,woroleha,Uzytkownik.html


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