Big Bang Theory - Penny Reminisces Pt. 04

(fictional story about fictional characters)

(although 4th in a series, each is a stand-alone story)

It was Saturday afternoon and Leonard and his fiancée had just returned from their weekend errands: dry cleaners, pharmacy, grocery story; and on this Saturday a special stop at the "naughty store," as they liked to call the Adult Book Store. Leonard always wondered why they called it an Adult "Book" Store, when there was only a tiny section devoted to actual books. Since becoming engaged they had come to an agreement with Leonard's roommate in 4A, that they would split their nights between the two apartments. Usually Saturdays were spent in 4B, Penny's apartment, because they knew it was Sheldon's "laundry night," and he could be a real pain going in and out and interrupting whatever they may have planned. They were laughing and giggling as they entered Penny's apartment, eager to try out their purchases. They hadn't made extensive selections; mostly they just had fun going and trying to figure out what some of the paraphernalia was used for (and who on earth would use it).

They had bought some strawberry scented massage oil and Penny had selected a bra and panties set made of sheer black lace with cut-outs at the crotch and nipple area. It had been a toss-up on color, but Leonard had suggested that her pale skin and blond hair would contrast nicely with the black. Excited about the night ahead, they hurriedly put the groceries away and then Leonard suggested: "I know you had a hard week at work. I think you would benefit from a nice massage, know...I would be willing to give you one.

Nearly laughing, Penny told him: "you are so cute when you try to be horny little Ewok. I think I'm going to try on my new underwear. Why don't you pour us some wine and get the bed ready while I change." In no time, Leonard had poured the wine, took the comforter off the bed and folded it, covered the bed with two more plain sheets (to absorb the massage oil), and stripped down to his boxers. Penny emerged from the bathroom wearing her flimsy pink robe that came down to midthigh. Leonard just stared at her...he loved her legs and could never get enough. " really are the Energizer Bunny...nice touch with the boxers," she complimented him.

"Well, you know, I didn't want to get oil all over my clothes," he slyly admitted.

"Yeah right...well what about getting oil all over your shorts...get 'em off sweetie," she ordered. She watched as Leonard quickly shucked his boxers to reveal her favorite penis of all time. Although only semi-erect now, she had measured it as a full 9 1/4 inches of beautiful thick meat that she considered the perfect size for her. "That's more like it," she told him.

"Well, what do you think," she asked as she untied her robe's belt and threw it open, pulling the material to each side and exposing her new bra and panties. Standing there in a classic pose with one knee bent, she literally took his breath away momentarily. Recovering, Leonard gasped, "holy crap, I really am the luckiest man in the universe." Her "lady parts" were outlined and accentuated by the flimsy lace, with her most intimate areas on full display. Her marvelous 36 C breasts stood out from her chest as if "at attention," with her pink areola and gumdrop nipples fully exposed. Because of the cutout, her prominent mound was completely visible, as was the slit at it's center. She could tell her new lingerie was having the desired effect because Leonard's penis was now fully erect and pointed at the ceiling.

She let the robe slide down and off her arms and threw it aside. Twirling, she gave him a look at the most perfectly round and firm ass cheeks that he had ever seen. Coming to his senses, he handed her a glass of wine and led her by the hand to the bed. "What, no wine for you," she asked.

"I don't need any stimulants or marital aids...I have you," he told her as she sat on the side of the bed. She knew that he meant exactly that and it just confirmed what she also knew: he was the sweetest man on the planet and he was all hers. If anyone had told her ten years ago that she would fall in love and agree to marry anyone resembling Leonard; she would have laughed in their face. He sat down beside her, leaned over and used his teeth to pull the sting between her breasts holding her nearly nonexistent bra together. She giggled at his attempt at being suave and shrugged the skimpy garment off her shoulders. Nudging her to the center of the bed, he suggested: "if you want to lay on your stomach, I can get started with that massage."

Laying on her tummy, Penny sarcastically told him: "you know these are brand new panties...we wouldn't want to get them all oily...would we?"

"Indeed we would not," Leonard agreed. The tiny garment was tied at both sides and he once again leaned over and used his teeth to pull the string. As Penny lifted her hips, he pulled her new panties off, still using only his teeth. He straddled her thighs and paused as he read the label of the massage oil. "Hey, did you know this is edible," he asked.

"You're kidding," she answered, tilting her head to the side of the pillow.

"No, it says right here...suitable for human consumption. Good to know," he added as he squirted a pool of the liquid in the small of her back. He coated his hands, leaned forward and began to massage her sexy shoulders and graceful neck

"Ooo, that does smell good," Penny declared as the scent of strawberries was heavy in the air. Leonard rubbed oil into her arms down to the elbows and then continued down her strong back, making sure to gently massage the sides of her marvelous breasts as they flattened out under her sides. When he reached her incredible cheeks, he stopped for a minute just to admire them, scooted further down her legs and then gave her butt a thorough rubbing. Penny reflexively spread her legs farther apart as he reached her upper thighs. Leonard un-straddled her body and kneeled between her legs as he massaged her soft limbs. He could plainly see the bottom of her labia and her slit as he tenderly rubbed oil down between her thighs. Penny's body shivered as his light touch tickled her fleshy lips and she thrust her ass backwards to beg for more attention.

Knowing this was very effective foreplay, Leonard continued down her legs and rubbed her surprisingly soft feet. When he had finished, Leonard coyly asked: "would ma'lady like the front massaged?"

Swiftly turning over and laying on her back, Penny answered: "what the hell do you think." Leonard smiled, knowing his foreplay was working by her response. Laying back on the bed, totally nude, she spread her legs suggestively and waited for him. She was the most beautiful creature he would ever see, and Leonard just kneeled between her legs and stared. Now it was Penny's chance for some fun and she stated, "you know a picture would last longer."

Startled out of his stupor, Leonard asked: "what...oh yeah...would you mind?"

Taken by surprise, Penny finally responded: "hell no...go get your phone."

Leonard leaped off the bed, wiped his hands on a towel that had been left on the floor, and ran into the living room to retrieve his phone. When he came back into the bedroom, Penny had spread her legs even wider and had the world's most seductive smile on her face. He thought she was his Mona Lisa. He immediately began to click pictures of her naked body from every angle...even close-ups between her legs. "You know, now that you've done that, you HAVE to marry me," she teased. His penis had never been as hard, as he placed the phone on the nightstand and began to massage her legs, starting at her feet and working upward. When he reached her thighs, he straddled her waist and began to massage her wonderous breasts.

"How can they be that soft and yet that firm," he wondered to himself as he kneaded and squeezed her tits. He loved the way they spread out on her chest when she was laying down. She softly moaned when he flicked her engorged nipples with his thumbs and and pinched them between his fingers. Her naked body was beginning to undulate and squirm under him as he worshiped her incredible breasts and he could see her gently biting her lower lip. Leaning down he flicked her nipples with the very tip of his tongue and proclaimed: "hey, not bad...this stuff IS edible." He began to nibble on her hard buds; actually gently chewing on them. While her body twitched under him, he scooted back and squirted a pool of oil into her belly button.

After massaging her taut tummy and watching her muscles ripple in response, he scooted further down until he was at her feet again. Drizzling oil up and down her incredible legs, he began a vigorous rub-down until he reached her upper thighs. Penny had spread her legs so wide that her heels were actually hanging off the sides of the mattress. Tantalizingly slow, he dripped oil onto her inner thighs and lower abdomen, watching it drool down between her plump labia. Massaging her inner thighs, Leonard teasingly brushed against her completely bald mound a few times and then sat back and marveled at the way her inner labia unfolded around her slit. It was like a magic trick; or time lapse photography of a flower blossoming, and it amazed him every time.

He slowly used his thumbs to spread her wet lips and open her slit. Her inner flesh was such a vivid pink that it resembled neon, and he leaned in and blew warm air up inside her. Inhaling her scent of arousal was one of his favorite things and he would often daydream about just that. Withdrawing his thumbs and letting her slit close, he started to lick at the sides of her opening; drawing his tongue from the bottom to the top on each side. After repeating this several times he noticed that her clit was now fully engorged and had emerged from it's protective hood. "Mmmm, that feels so fucking good," she moaned as his tongue lapped at her slit.

"Strawberries and Penny," he remarked while licking his lips, "now that's a combo taste that could make a fortune."

"No," she responded, "that's a flavor that's reserved for one person."

Her wonderful naked body was squirming as he once again spread her lips with his tongue and slid it like a snake as far up inside her pussy as it would go, his nose brushing against her clit. "Holy crap that feels good," she gasped as he wiggled it inside her, scooping her juices and slurping her froth. Very slowly, Leonard reached his left hand up to knead her right breast; while easily sliding two fingers on his right hand up inside her pussy. Wriggling his fingers inside her, he began to suck on her swollen clit and then gently bit down. Suddenly her vaginal muscles went into a spasm and his face was flooded with her cum as it shot out of her hole like a squirt gun. Her blond head rolled back and forth and she screamed: "oh my fucking God...yesss...yesss." He continued to finger-fuck her and suck on her nub as her body thrashed like a fish out of water.

When her orgasm finally subsided and her breathing eased, Penny told him: "I know Howard claims to be, but you're the real magician. Leonard Hofstadter, you're the only man on earth who has ever made me squirt." Without even looking, she knew she had made him smile, and she ordered: "now get up here and shove that big beautiful cock up my pussy...I need to be fucked." He wasted no time in crawling up and wiping the oil from his hands all along his length. Holding his large rod in his hand, he presented it to Penny's slit and pushed forward. They were both so slick that he slid all the way in on the first thrust; burying his fat prick up her pussy. "Oh God...yesss," she groaned as his familiar fat meat stretched her walls. Nothing ever felt better than the very first penetration, and Penny lay under him utterly contented.

Their bodies were so slick that they were slipping and sliding across each other as he began to thrust in and out of her snug hole. "Oh God Leonard, that feels soooo nice," she moaned as he started to fuck her, his prick sliding easily in and out. "Oh yesss baby...fuck my cunt," she begged; "fuck your little Penny." They were making a "slurping" sound as his cock drove into her sopping wet pussy. He planted his hands beside her shoulders and leaned down to capture her nipple between his teeth. Nibbling and grinding his teeth, he chewed on her delectable nub, making her body gyrate under him. "Oh yes baby...fuck me...fuck me," she urged, I love you baby."

"I'll never get tired of hearing that," he softly told her, "I waited so long for it." Raising up so that only their groins were touching, he began to jam his huge cock in and out, his scrotum slapping against her ass cheeks. Her wonderful tits had spread out on her chest and were jiggling and rippling as he pounded her pussy. Her golden hair spread out on the pillow, framing her face and making her look like an angel as he fucked his future wife. "I love fucking you," he told her, slamming into her juicy hole.

"Me too baby," she moaned, "now cum in me...fill my cunt with your seed...I need it baby." Thrusting into her as hard as he could, she felt her tunnel becoming warmer and wetter as he flooded her pussy with his load. Leonard loved her with all his heart, and there was no better feeling in the world than cumming inside her was his definition of heaven. The muscles lining her vagina contracted and squeezed his cock, milking the semen as he pumped into her. "Your cock feels sooo good," she murmured as he thrust forward and ground their groins together, trapping her engorged clit between them. When his balls were empty, Leonard collapsed on top of her magnificent naked body and they both rolled on their sides together.

Wrapping their arms around each other and kissing passionately, they lay there exhausted. "So that's what strawberry-Penny tastes like," she giggled as some of her juices were still on his lips, "you're right...not bad." They were so worn out that they fell asleep almost immediately, still coated with oil, in each others arms. The trip to the "naughty store" and the sexy lingerie triggered subconscious dreams and Penny remembered experiences from back in Nebraska.

She had been out of high school for two years and was no closer to her dream of becoming a famous actress. The closest she came was "acting" like she enjoyed her current job as a waitress at a "greasy spoon" diner frequented mostly by cops and truckers. Once a week she took the bus to Omaha to participate in an acting class and a week ago her father had chipped in half the money so she could purchase a beat-up Volkswagen. Having the "beater" car would save her a huge chunk of time because she wouldn't have to adhere to the bus schedule and could actually work more hours. The sooner she could save enough money to move to California, the better. To that end, every time she was in Omaha she would buy a newspaper and peruse the Help Wanted ads in an attempt to find a better paying job. This week she read an ad looking for: "female, adult model." That was the only details in the advertisement and it piqued her curiosity enough to warrant a phone call.

Since she was in Omaha for her class, she called the number and was given an address for an interview. The only details the person answering the phone would give her was that it involved modeling for a catalog. Quickly she drove to the location on the outskirts of town, and found what appeared to be a large warehouse with an office in the front. Another young woman, who she assumed was there for the same job, was leaving as she entered. The receptionist showed her to an office where a middle-aged fatherly looking man greeted her: "hello Penny; I am Anthony and I'm actually the CEO of this company." He gestured for her to sit in a comfy leather chair while he stood in front of his desk. She had dressed for class and was wearing a plain, sleeveless blouse, her favorite blue denim miniskirt, and Ugg-knockoff boots. When she sat and crossed her legs, her entire outer thigh was exposed.

"Thanks for coming," he told her, "I don't know how much you know about the opening, but you would be posing for a print and online catalog advertising our products. Are you familiar with the Garden of Eden catalog?"

Embarrassed, she admitted: "I'm sorry, but I've never heard of it."

"That's OK," he assured her, "you're probably a little young for our demographics. We sell adult products. You know, things like sexy lingerie, vibrators and all types of sexual aids, oils and creams, books and videos, bondage and S & M props, basically anything to create or enhance sexual arousal or fulfill fantasies. You would be modeling the apparel and shown demonstrating the aids."

Trying to process this information, Penny asked: "so I would be required to be naked?"

"Yes, but I assure you the pay scale is at the top level for professional models," Anthony confirmed. Attempting to stroke her ego, he added: "from what I can see, you certainly don't seem to have anything to be embarrassed about showing off that body." Penny blushed at the thought of being photographed nude but definitely was considering the position because she knew the wage scale for modeling. It was an opportunity to make as much money in a week as she made at the Diner in six months...or more. "The only thing is, I would need to see you in just your underwear today, to make sure there are no serious flaws that are hidden by your clothes. The catalog promotes fantasy, so we need our models to be nearly perfect," he advised her. "I'll give you a few minutes to think about it," he told her, "but I really need an answer today because I have the photographer on retainer." He handed her an old copy of the Garden of Eden catalog and left the office.

As she leafed through the catalog, she pictured herself in all the poses and kept telling herself: "I would look sexier than that." She realized that she had already made up her mind and when Anthony returned to the room, she announced: "I'll do it...when do we start."

"That's great," he exclaimed, "now there is just the formalities of signing a modeling contract and release form...and of course I still need to see your body." Feeling as bold as any twenty-one year old who knew she had a fantastic body; Penny stood in front of the chair, unzipped her miniskirt and let it fall to the floor, and then whipped her blouse off over her head and tossed it in the chair. She hadn't worn any ultra-sexy underwear for class; just a plain white bra and panties combo...and yet for her, it worked. Her panties weren't exactly "granny-panties," but they were quite modest and Anthony asked: "just curious, but is your pubic area trimmed?" Without hesitation she pulled the front of her panties down to reveal a neatly trimmed blond triangle surrounding her slit. She always kept herself well groomed for bikini weather.

"Excellent," he nodded, "I hope you won't mind trimming that a little more on camera. One of the aids we would like to demonstrate is our new battery operated electric trimmer. Maybe you could trim it into a nice heart shape or something."

"Sounds fine," she agreed as she pulled her waistband back up. Surprisingly, she did not feel the slightest bit embarrassed about showing a complete stranger her pussy. She chalked it up to being a good business-woman. "Are we good," she asked while pulling her blouse over her head and stepping into her skirt.

"I think you'll do nicely," Anthony told her while rummaging through his desk for a contract template. "Can you be here tomorrow morning to get started?"

Trying to remember if she had a shift scheduled, Penny finally just told him: "absolutely." She was walking on clouds as she left the building because after this job she would have more money than she had ever had at one time in her life. Finally she could actually make plans to move to Hollywood.


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